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Seametrics AO55 Digital to Analog Converter (AO55)

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  • Blind 4-20 mA analog transmitter for Seametrics meters
  • Converts the pulse signal that meters produce into an analog signal
  • Loop powered - takes its power from the device it's connected to
  • Smooth output signal
  • Easy to set up
  • Durable

The AO55 is available either as a wall-mount unit here, or pre-mounted on an insertion meter (see the IP Paddlewheel Meters, the EX Magmeters, or the TX Turbine Meters.)

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    A listing of all available AO55 models is available here.

  • Flow Meter Accessories
    AO55, Analog to Digital Converter

    This unit is useful for the following applications:

    • Telemetry/SCADA
    • Distributed control systems
    • Programmable controllers
    • Chart recording
    • Data logging

    General Description

    The AO55 is a blind transmitter, meaning that it has no display. It can be used with almost all Seametrics flow sensors. It takes the variable frequency pulse input from the flow sensor and converts it into a 4-20mA output signal. Power is taken from the analog device that it is connected to. The digital design makes it possible to span the unit in the field without tools. The frequency at which 20 mA is desired is entered on a set of rotary switches, and an internal microcontroller automatically scales all other values accordingly. An additional benefit of the microcontroller is its ability to average inputs, for smoothing of the output signal. The degree of averaging can be selected in the field, from 2 to 16 seconds.

    For maximum environmental protection, the electronic components are encased in a special semi-flexible urethane potting material. The fuse-coated cast aluminum clamshell housing is provided with mounting feet (or connected directly to the flow sensor for the insertion meters).

    The AO55 will operate on a relatively wide range of current loop voltages, 24 to 36 VDC. Lower voltages limit the load that can be applied to the loop without distortion of the signal. (See Load/Supply chart in the Specifications under the Download tab if there is a question regarding voltage vs. load.) A built-in power regulator supplies the appropriate power to the flow sensor.

    This unit can optionally be ordered with a connector for an LMI metering pump that accepts 4-20 mA signals. The "-06" option specifies the LMI 4-pin connector, while the "-106" option specifies the LMI Roytronic 5-pin connector.

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